What the Holidays Mean to Me: The Gift of Presence

Depending on your stage in life, the biggest part of the holidays can be the presents or your presence.

Children are anxious to wake-up and see what presents are under the tree, while elderly people are simply happy to be in the presence of their children.

Many adults, like myself wear several hats in their lives. With each hat the holidays can mean something slightly different – but it can all come back to the gifts we have been blessed with.

For Me:

As an author: The holiday’s can mean more opportunity to write about how we can give back to our communities and other topics that are important to us a this time of year.

As a parent advocate: I often have to give families the strength to understand that there will be many more holiday’s to spend with their loved ones, right now, recovery is a priority.

As a cyber advocate: I preach all about digital presence! Over-sharing is dangerous and finding the balance is the gift. Remember, there is no rewind online.

As a mother: It’s all about spending time with my kids (adult children) and friends together with lots of food and sweets! Yes, we unplug, with the exception of Christmas music playing.

As a grandparent: It is about watching the grandchildren open their gifts with a gracious attitude.

At the end of the day the holidays is about your presence in all you do.

Happy Holidays!

Published on: December 24, 2013
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