Five Ways to Make Healthy Green Living More Fun

Five Ways to Make Healthy Green Living More Fun


I started making healthy green changes in my life because like many parents, I was anxious about my young son’s health. Initially it was all food allergy related. Then I found out all the other yucky stuff that many products contained–things I hadn’t thought about like parabens and artificial colors.  I was horrified to realize that I had been microwaving plastic bottles with BPA in them. That his James the Tank Engine had lead in it (and yes, he chewed on it). Navigating each decision and new piece of information was time-consuming, complex, and anything BUT fun.

I’m now in our fifth year of this healthy green journey. As I look back, I realize that some of these healthy green changes were not only beneficial, they were actually really, really fun!  So for my series this week, I wanted to share my five “favorite, most fun” healthy green actions to encourage everyone to find the brighter side of healthy green living.

Healthy Green Fun Idea #1:  Green Your Date Night

My husband and I are pretty religious about date night. We cherish that time together, but it’s often fallen into a “hop in the car and hit our favorite restaurant” rut. We decided to challenge ourselves to add in green twists, in part because it gives us something fun to plan, but also because we discover new places or foods we love.  Here are a few ways to green your own date night:

A. Order eco-friendly wine or local beer: I love the look on a bartenders face when you ask if any of their wines are biodynamic or organic.  However, they often have one and usually they are pretty good! We’ve also tried all sorts of local craft and micro brews that are delicious.

B. Walk, Bike or take public transportation Especially in the summer, we’ve really enjoyed a long walk before and after dinner. However, remember to bring a flashlight! We’ve also taken the train. We have yet to bike to dinner–but that would definitely open up options!

C. Find a Dine-Green (or other eco-friendly) restaurant We love the directory on and have found a number of certified restaurants in our area that we otherwise would not have tried, ranging from high-end Italian to a night at the museum.

Have other “green date night” ideas to share?  Please post below as we are always eager for new ideas!


Susan Hunt Stevens

Susan Hunt Stevens is the Founder & CEO of Practically Green, an online service that motivates and inspires people to make healthy green changes in their life through assessment, personalized recommendations, and social connections that make decisions easier, faster and hopefully, way more fun.

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