Top Ten Job Traps Teens Should Avoid: Job Hunting Is Serious Work

Whether you are seeking a summer job to pay for new clothes or a job to launch your career, make sure that you take it very seriously. You cannot afford to be lazy when searching for a job. If you fall into these traps, you will lose out on some great opportunities:

Trap #7: If I don’t get a response from my job application, then I should just move on.

Many people make the mistake of submitting a job application or résumé and wait to get a call back. When they don’t hear back, they assume that they are rejected. Not true.

Sometimes you need follow up with the hiring person. This shows that you have initiative and that you really want the job. Even if you get a rejection, then at least you will know that you should move on. If you are rejected, take the opportunity to ask why so that you can make the necessary changes to get the next job. Don’t take it personal – it is just business. It may take a few calls to get an answer. Don’t be a nuisance but do be persistent. Studies have shown that it takes 5-12 times to make a “sale” – most people stop at 3. Don’t lose out because you assume the worst!

Trap #8: I don’t need a resume to apply for a summer job.

Nowadays, a résumé is actually expected in most job applications. Even if it is not, you should always provide a well-written résumé because it will highlight the skills that you want the employer to see. Job applications usually highlight just the past employers and titles.  Your résumé speaks for you and tells the employer that you will be an asset to them even before the interview.


Published on: May 24, 2012
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Suzanne Kleinberg is the founder of Potential to Soar, a unique career and talent coaching service for new graduates, seasoned professionals and corporations, through private coaching, customized workshops and psychometric assessment tools. Her newest book, From Playstation® to Workstation is available in paperback

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