Top 12 Reasons to Go Organic – Number 7 & 6

Top 12 Reasons to Go Organic – Number 7 & 6

As a parent, I am vitally concerned with the quality of food my grandchildren will have available. Read reason 7 and 6 below and see if you agree that buying organic makes sense. Dr. Greene

7. Preserve Local Crop Varieties for Future Generations. Today 50% of all food eaten worldwide comes from four plant species and three animal species. A handful of multi-national corporations own and control over 50% of the world’s seed market. Small organic farms often preserve heirloom and rare seed varieties for future generations to experience and enjoy.

6. Give Farm Animals a Healthy Measure of Respect. A significant share of the livestock raised on conventional farms live in crowded, stressful conditions that erode animal health, increase drug dependency, and take away any chance of carrying out natural behaviors. However, the National Organic Program (NOP) rule, states that organically raised animals must have access to the outdoors, including pasture, and ample space to carry out natural behaviors.

Charles Benbrook PhD

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Benbrook is the Chief Scientist of the Organic Center. He joined the staff in 2003 where he works tirelessly (except a few fishing trips) to create scientifically based reports, papers, and articles to educate the public about the importance of organic food.

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