Tips for Getting Through The Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Tips for Getting Through The Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Cooking Tips

  • Be sure to use a rack in your roasting pan so the fat drips to the bottom. Spray the rack with vegetable cooking spray.
  • There is no need to baste the turkey. It will be crisper this way, and you won’t add the pan fat back to the turkey.
  • Reduce the fat in your turkey and gravy by pouring reduced-fat chicken broth into the roasting pan.
  • To de-fat drippings, pour in glass measuring cup, let fat rise to top, then scoop off. Purchase a Gravy Separator to make the job easier.
  • Avoid canned gravy — it’s high in sodium, fat, and is not particularly tasty.


Healthy Tips

  • Try having everything you want, but only half as much
  • Don’t fast before parties or meals
  • Supply healthy choices
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Fill up on water
  • Eat your veggies (and other high fiber foods)
  • Focus on family and fun
  • Eat high protein rather then high sugar
  • Stay Active



Lisa Druxman

Lisa Druxman is the creator of Fit 4 Mom. She is a nationally recognized speaker, author and highly regarded expert in the field of pre/postnatal fitness.

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