Tip #3 for becoming an empowered health consumer: Be Prepared – Carry your personal medical history & medication form with you and give your child’s care-giver a consent-to-treat form

Medical History & Medication Form

Don’t leave home without your list of medications and current medical history & medication form.

Understanding your medications and keeping track of them is critical. It’s a great idea to have these listed on your personal medical history form that you carry with you at all times. Just in case you end up in the ER or are directly admitted to the hospital, you will be asked multiple times by multiple staff for a list of your medications, past hospitalizations, if you have any allergies and emergency contact numbers.

There are some sites where you can create a small information card; however some people are on many medications that the small size isn’t sufficient. For a 6×4 size that you can simply carry in a photo style wallet, I’ve created one for you. You can download it for free by clicking this link, print, complete and carry. Moms, this form will fit nicely into the popular 6×4 photo wallets. Keep a list for you, your kids and spouse or significant other, parents and grandparents. It’s great for college students as well. Men, simply fold to carry in your small wallet.

Consent to Treat Form

In case of an emergency, having a notarized consent-to-treat form signed by the child’s caregiver will prevent treatment from being delayed. Of course any life-threatening illnesses or injuries are always top priority, but for a non-critical case having the proper forms will help expedite the process. Find the consent-to-treat form at Emergencycareforyou.org, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) website.

We would love to hear from you. Do you think you are an empowered health consumer? What are your tips?

Published on: January 14, 2010
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