When is the Right Time for the First Sleepover?

When is the Right Time for the First Sleepover?Our little sunshine Tim is now seven months and a half old. He’s currently the most important member of our family, and we all adjust to his schedule and rhythm. Sometimes it can be quite difficult and, most of all, exhausting, but this is what living with a baby is like. I think sometimes about the peace of his first sleepover. They grow up to be little curious munchkins too soon as it is.

I shouldn’t be complaining: Tim sleeps nicely through the night, waking up for his pacifier from time to time and falling back asleep immediately. However, he wakes up quite early in the morning and starts complaining around six and sometimes falls back asleep until seven. Since we all wish to catch a little more sleep, I tried having him next to me in my bed but was surprised to find that this made him complain even more. Since modifying his sleep habits has proved almost impossible, we’ve tried to modify ours – we resolve to go to bed earlier but generally end up carrying on without enough sleep.

Since grandmothers and grandfathers like to say that mommy and daddy deserve some rest, we decided that Tim and Pia would spend a weekend night at their grandmas’ houses. Tim will be staying with one grandma and Pia with the other, so that both grandmas could handle the little ones’ needs without it being too exhausting.

This won’t be anything new for Pia – she has stayed the night with both of her grandmas before and enjoyed her time there. But it will be the first time for Tim. Even though I’m looking forward to sleeping in the morning and not having to get up at six a.m., I’m also a little worried about how things will turn out. I remember that Pia first slept over at her grandma’s house at a very young age and had no problem. She’s very sociable, loves visiting people and is not afraid of anyone. Tim is different, calmer, more reserved. He observes his surroundings more carefully and is more attached to me… in short, he’s not like Pia.

So doubts creep in about how granny will “work it.” I’m 100 percent positive that she’ll be just fine, though I can’t help but wonder whether he is too small for such adventures. I truly don’t know if it is better for him to go and get used to it or if we should wait for him to be a little older. When I asked others about it, some of them thought we should wait and others said that he should get used to it early on or he won’t be comfortable with it when he’s older. I don’t know, I think we’ll try it out and see what happens.

What do you think about baby’s first sleepover at the grandparents’? When did you let go the first time, and what was the result?


Spela Gorenc Jazbec

Spela Gorenc Jazbec is the author of the manual Correct Baby Handling and Correct Choice of Appropriate Equipment and Accessories and the baby-handling.com website.

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