Thoughts Become Things

Through the ages humankind has spent a ton of brainpower thinking about Unicorns. Are they real? Were they ever? Are there some for the finding in this crazy world?

I think it all comes down to how you form your reality. Oh, didn’t you know that? Yes, we all form our own realities. It’s our thoughts that do it you see. It’s how we think about stuff that causes us to process what our life brings to us. “What?”, you ask, “Seriously? You’re just blown’ smoke!”. No, no I’m not. I know a lot of adults would like to think that – but kids know better. Kids know exactly what I’m talking about. Kids use the power of imagination All. The. Time. Kids are the Masters of this!

This is how a kid can be wearing a dish towel in the neck of her sweatshirt and be able to use it as a flying cape and be baking magic cupcakes in her castle that is under a blanket tent in her living room when adults can only just see ‘the untidy mess’ of that reality. Not all grown ups suffer this sad affliction of limited point of view, however. Some escape its grip. Some even leverage it to grand new heights that can benefit everybody! What kids know as “Imagination”, some adults practice as “Visionary Thinking”. It’s all the same stuff.

The goal for those who choose it is to keep the imagination limber enough to survive the rigors of adult testing that inevitably come, usually in middle school. Sometimes sooner and almost always by the end of high school. Here are some handy mottos: “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.” “As you believe, so it becomes.”

What we’re talking about here is that what you spend your time thinking about is how you set the energy of your life force in motion which then starts attracting what you’re thinking about to you. Huh? What? Try this: Right now, do NOT think about a pink elephant. What did you think of when you read that? A pink elephant, right? How could you not? We’re trained to picture what we read, and even though there was the word “not” in front of the pink elephant – you couldn’t help but think about it. If you got stuck thinking about pink elephants for too very long sooner or later you’d start even seeing them. Maybe in magazine ads, or picture books, a game, on someone’s Facebook wall, or a tv show — whatever. Why? Because you’ve sort of trained your brain to find them.

So what you want to practice is to set your thoughts thinking about the things you do want. Like this, you’d think to yourself: “I want good grades.”. Now in the back of your head there’s this little buzz of that thoughts “I want good grades, I want good grades, etc”. That one little thought starts coloring how you make a bunch of your other choices. It sort of acts invisibly in your background thinking.

Here’s the opposite – and dangerous part – about thinking. You can also start thinking this “I don’t want bad grades.” Means the same thing right? Nope. Not to your brain. Like the “don’t think about pink elephants” advice what your brain latches on to is the “bad grades” part. It’s true. It’s how we humans operate. So our task with this mindful thinking is to make sure we think about what we DO want, not what we do not want. You may have heard this called ‘positive thinking’. That’s what it is.

Your goal is to phrase everything you tell yourself into what you DO WANT terms and focus on those instead of the other.

This is how you can come to start finding Unicorns. When you start thinking that you will, instead of how ‘they’re not real’ and stuff maybe your mind adjusts a bit to define what a unicorn maybe is into newer broader terms. “That’s not really finding unicorns!”, I’ve heard people tell me after I mention this stuff to them. Oh really? I beg to differ my friend. I live with unicorns. They’re everywhere for me! In fact, I am a unicorn myself! I can picture it. Here’s a photograph of a felted wall piece I made recently that shows just that. I get a big kick out of telling people “Hey look, I made a self portrait, what do you think?”. And they go: “Nice! You look good with pink hair.” And I say “Pink hair? Nu-uh, I have a rainbow mane and tail!”. Then they smile. Because when you’re around me you have to get used to this sort of answer.

Project for YOU: Make a list of TEN things you DO WANT. Write them nicely on 10 little cards or post-its or something. Even better draw them or find and add actual pictures of what they look like and how getting them in your life is going to make you feel. Put these where you can see them every day. Keep track of when they come to you.

HINT: be open about how you describe what you want. Example: “I want a pony.” Better: “I want to spend time with an equine somehow, some way.” Maybe you include a photo of someone petting a horse, or riding a horse. See with number two you open it up so that your chances are hugely increased that this will happen for you and from this can build to the other! Maybe you get to take some riding lessons. Maybe the lady who’s horse you get to ride likes you and thinks you can help her take care of her horse! Maybe someday you have a part time job and can afford to lease that horse! Or a different one! Viola! You have a horse! See how you made it happen? Your photograph has come true for you!

Confession: This is how I got my horse. Years ago I lived in the middle of a big city. No horses there. Not a one. But I bought a little horse figure and put him on the dashboard of my car. It was a pinto. Fast forward. Life changed. We moved to the country. Horse country. I met a foal in a field who had been neglected. He was for sale at a price I could afford. I had a little barn. Guess what happened. See photo.

Published on: November 21, 2011
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Your guide in this series is Marti McGinnis. With a lifetime of conjuring up her own happy worlds Marti now makes available to you her methods for finding and creating your own creative dreamworlds!

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