Thinking With Your Own Head

Thinking With Your Own Head

Whenever I go shopping, I first make a list of things that I need to buy at home. Even though I’m not overly forgetful, several times I went to the shop without a list and had absolutely no clue what I needed. As a consequence, I bought a bunch of unnecessary things and forgot those that I really should have bought. The reason lies in sly merchants – they know exactly how to convince customers to buy something they don’t need. This is why I prepare myself by bringing a list of things we need and trying to stick to it as much as possible (even though an additional product or two always find their way to the basket).

I have noticed that the exact same thing happens to parents when they go shopping for baby equipment and accessories. Once you enter one of such shops, you quickly lose control, unable to stop admiring all the beautiful and cute products, such nice colours and cute designs… Naturally, everything is quite expensive. Somehow the retailers and the things you’ve read have convinced you that your baby needs these products. But it is really important, really extremely important, that you make sure to do some research about what you would like to buy, whether it is necessary, the product’s advantages and disadvantages, etc., before going to children’s shops.

Without arming yourself with a list, shop assistants will have an easy job convincing you into buying the silliest things. You’ll probably tell yourself that friendly shop assistants surely know what’s the very best for your child because they work at a children’s shop. That’s a myth – they’re shop people, trying to get you to buy things, not experts in the essential needs of your child.

Shop assistants can tell you everything about different available colours and materials, the weight of the stroller, how equipment folds and unfolds, how amazing a resting chair is because it rocks the baby – but absolutely nothing about why this product is good for your baby and why it isn’t. They may convince you that a product is good for the baby because it will make your life easier, but they don’t necessarily take into account the products that ensure quality development.

I find such behaviour unacceptable. I realize that it is all about the money, as money makes the world go round. So, dear parents, before you end up buying a product, please think with your own head and forget about all advertisements that often convince us into buying things we don’t even know are inappropriate.

Question for you… what baby products did a shop assistant convince you to buy that you soon found unnecessary? What turned out to be essential?


Spela Gorenc Jazbec

Spela Gorenc Jazbec is the author of the manual Correct Baby Handling and Correct Choice of Appropriate Equipment and Accessories and the website.

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