They Do What They See

They Do What They See

My friend Best made an interesting comment yesterday. She said her 6-year-old son had decided to make a ladder. So, he went to the garage, selected some pieces of wood, nails and a hammer and…did so.

Her son attends a Waldorf School where they take woodworking class and so is comfortable with tools and such. My 6-year-old son attends a somewhat less crunchy school that emphasizes art and language.

She commented: “My son made a ladder while yours makes up songs in Spanish; they do what they see.”

She went on to lament that neither of us plays a musical instrument (or at least not really) or spend our time painting. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would see their parents busily working creatively instead of pounding away on a computer?

But, where would we find the time? Her insights make me question my choice of hobbies. O.K. sure I’ve added knitting and sewing to my list of hobbies. I play sports with my son and read avidly…so, he certainly sees those things.

But, I yearn to expose him to everything. What if I have a budding Mozart in my home…but will never know it? Maybe he could be a Picasso? Maybe he could be a star baseball player…or tennis player….or even polo player. You have to start young to achieve those things right?

So, in truth the time tested method of exposure to many things is perhaps the way to go…especially those things I to which I wish I had been exposed…piano anyone?

MC Milker

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