The Trilogy by B


This is the 3rd video to complete the trilogy of B. We’ve been having a lot of asthma issues lately with school, with wheezing and calls home from the nurses office, so it was about time. I have to admit that I learned a lot about how to use a spacer from this experience (yes there is a reason why the diabetes specialist does not manage asthma for a living) so we both picked up some important pointers as we were doing research for the video.

With every video, production is getting easier and easier. B has changed his design aesthetic. He has been reading a lot of Bone books, and so elected on his own to go for the comic book design for the pictures. And instead of using the dreaded powerpoint, I brushed up on my iMovie skills which I learned from the Center for Digital Storytelling while on sabbatical. It has been an exciting journey of co-creation and hands-on learning for both of us.

We have also been talking about other things that he could create to help himself and other kids, now that he has completed the trilogy of videos and honed his brilliant health design skills. An allergy-focused board game could be our next option, perhaps followed by a mobile application? Do you have other suggestions? B is eager to possibly make some money from these future endeavors. Given the prominence of designers in the world today , I have high hopes for him. 

Joyce Lee MD PhD

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan. She is a pediatric diabetes specialist (Pediatric Endocrinologist) who works with children and families at Mott Children’s Hospital, and she is a clinical researcher whose work focuses on childhood obesity, diabetes, and growth and pubertal development.

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