The List

The List

There are many days I will call my husband and say, “I did it again. I crossed something off the list.” I will then confess that I once again gave in to one of the items on the list. The “ I will never let my kids do this- because I will be a GOOD mom” list.

I, of course, starting crafting this list years before I even considered having a child.

Things like:

  • They will only have breast milk until the age of one
  • They will only eat organic
  • They will never have a happy meal
  • They will never have a sucker
  • They won’t eat sugar for the first five years of life
  • They will never eat a hot dog
  • They will never have juice
  • They will not be in public with snot running down their face
  • They will never watch TV
  • They will not play with our phones and other technology


And then, you have kids.

I had THREE babies at once. I did my best to breast feed them, but I only had two breasts and three mouths to feed – do the math. And yes, I do my best to feed them organic, but the occasional happy meal is a treat when we are traveling now – because it may be the only option. Suckers and sugars? In moderation, they are treats and celebrations. And the snot – come on – if you have kids, you will have snot, enough said. The TV – well, sometimes it is calming – for all of us. They sing and dance and learn, I get a few minutes to catch my breath. And the phones and technology … well, they just want what we have. And thankfully, sometimes our phones and tablets can be educational and fun – for all of us.

I was lucky to meet Dr. Greene at a blogging conference this past summer. We talked about the triplets and their ages, and I think I probably rambled in confession about failing to comply with the above list, since I was meeting a pediatrician that believed in organic, natural approaches. Thankfully, he didn’t judge me. As we talked, he ended up telling me about a new app that would be on the market.

An app?!! For kids?!! You mean I am not a terrible mother for letting my kids play with my iPhone and iPad?

And so we tried it. And ever since the day I downloaded KidGlyphs, my kids have been fighting over the images and words like it is one of those sugary suckers. It is one of the few things that will keep them in one spot while I brush my teeth or make them breakfast. My three twenty month olds are at different vocabulary levels, but with this app, they all listen calmly, smile and laugh at the pictures and always try to repeat the words – at their own pace and level. That may mean half a word for my son, a full crystal clear version for one of my daughters and for my other daughter, it’s often some variation of ba or ma – but I know what she means…

So, I give in to checking off my list. And I’m pleased with myself. Pleased I have let go of my rigid expectations and surprised that most of my ideals weren’t that important anyway. Sometimes things you thought were the worst choices weren’t that bad after all. Besides – they make 100% organic turkey hotdogs and kids can learn to speak from an iPhone app … not too shabby if you ask me.

Kristin Hackman

Kristin Hackman is a writer living in Indianapolis, IN with her husband and 20 month old triplets. She is founder of Kristin writes with the voice of a woman who has battled infertility, a high risk pregnancy, a crazy first year of raising triplets and the hormonal ups and downs of postpartum anxiety. Hence, “Just Breathe, Mama.”

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