The Journey Within

So you have lost your Center have you? Let’s face it you would not be reading this if you haven’t. I would like to Congratulate you for taking the first step in regaining that little piece of you which you misplaced so long ago in a time you can no longer remember.

In this ever changing world of ours, loosing ones Center is not all that unusual so don’t feel that you are alone in the quest. You are not!

Misplacing ones Center is not limited to parenting, although that seems to be one of the times when most people notice that their Center is missing in action. Misplacing ones Center can happen at any time in your life – you can be at work and realize that it is missing, it can happen during a conversation with a spouse, family member or friend, it can happen when you are caring for an aging parent, it can happen as you deal with a tragic event in your life.

Misplacing ones Center can and does happen whenever we take our total being and give it to another to help them through their own situations.

Part of the journey to find your center is to realize why it went missing in the first place.

How many times have you heard yourself say the following?

When this baby comes I will be able to… Once the baby is a toddler I will be able to… Once my child is in school I will be able to… Once the kids move out on their own I will be able to… If only I didn’t live alone I would…

Do you see the pattern here? Are you putting off living until tomorrow? As you are living in this moment you are waiting, wishing for the next. Each time you do this your Center moves further away from you, becoming more hidden. The dust is building on that shelf!

When did you first realize that your Center was missing? Chances are you will not be able to pinpoint the exact moment – or perhaps you will, either way is ok. The point is we are going to work on getting it back!

Go ahead speak it out loud, I am the only one listening, and I won’t tell.

Published on: May 03, 2011
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In this weeks' Perspectives Blog, Gee Gee is lighting the flicker of the flame that has been threatening to be extinguished within her own heart and in doing so she is guiding you in lighting the flicker of flame in your heart.

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