The Inventor

The Inventor

Sept 13, 1965- I built a few puzzles for Zadie and Fuller this week. They’ve been twisting their brains trying to solve them all morning. It truly is exercise for the mind.

Learning, exploration, and construction toys sharpen the pencil of the mind. They teach early concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and sorting and lead to more complex operations in language, math, and science. Learning through play is different at each stage of development; don’t concentrate heavily on teaching reading while neglecting the other skills that children need to develop at the same time.

When children transform into the “Inventor”, they want challenging play. The “Inventor” loves to solve puzzles. They love to explore the world and ask many questions. The “Inventor” loves construction toys, experiments, and anything the flies.

Toys for the “Inventor” should offer ways to learn, explore, and build. Themed puzzles are great for developing fine motor skills, problem solving, and even memorization. Construction toys are open-ended and offer both fine motor and cognitive fun. Science toys are fun and educational and most don’t need batteries!

Tips for the “Inventor” – Puzzles are challenging and suited for a variety of ages. – A magnifying glass is a simple learning toy, great for exploring. – It’s not always about learning to read. – The library is local, free, and kids love to spend time there.

Project for the “Inventor” – The Treasure Hunt

What you need: 1. Your child’s favorite blanket 2. Small collectible objects such as coins, characters, game pieces. 3. Your very best pirate voice! ARRRGGHH!

One way to play: – spread the objects out of the floor and cover them with the blanket. – challenge your child to trace and touch the objects without peeking underneath. – see if they can identify each object by name. – if they get it right they get to keep the object. If they guess wrong, it goes to the pirate!! – be sure to use the pirate voice to encourage play.

The “Sportster”

Sept 14, 1965- Thomas Jefferson said, ” A strong body makes the mind strong”. Zadie and Fuller were ready for some active outdoor fun after a long day with their new puzzles. Today we rode bikes, played hide and seek, and most importantly we spent the whole day outdoors. It was a great day for exercising the body and mind.

An active child will lead a more active life as an adult and the health benefits of this are incredibly important. In a world with super-sized meals and 24 hour cartoon channels, active play helps avoid obesity and it’s pitfalls. Encouraging outdoor play gets kids off the couch and away from video games and passive toys. Other benefits include improved balance, speed, and dexterity which helps to develop a child’s confidence as well.

When a child jumps into the role of the “Sportster” it’s time to get off the couch. The “Sportster” loves to run, jump, and tumble around the backyard. The “Sportster” loves to play games, keep score, and will ride bicycles until the sun goes down.

When selecting toys for the “Sportster” look for games that get the whole family involved. Parents that take part in exercise are great role models for kids. There is nothing better than family fun time with kickballs, flying discs, and other backyard games when summer time arrives.

Tips: – Cut back television and replace that time with engaging outdoor games. – Games like tag, catch, soccer, and hide and seek are simple and fulfilling – You don’t need toys to play outdoor games, you just need imagination, creativity, and a pair of sneakers. – Kids never say no to a trip to the playground or park.

Game idea for the Sportster – Kickin’ Putt

What is needed: 1. Two kickballs 2. A flying disc 3. Backyard or park with some open space

How to play: 1. Throw the flying disc to set the “Target” 2. Each child kicks their ball to the target like they are playing golf. 3. Count the shots until they hit the target, lowest score wins. 4. Pick up the flying disc and chuck it. 5. The kids are now ready for the next round.

Up next, the “Hero” saves the day‚Ķ

Benjamin Barlowe

Benjamin Barlowe was an early 20th century inventor from Fort Collins, Colorado. His workshop archives, writings, ideas, and inventions serve as the inspiration for BeginAgain.

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