The Innocence of Discovery

The Innocence of Discovery

There is something beautiful in witnessing the Innocence of discovery!

This little snuggle bunny has captivated this grandma’s heart in a way that is so pure and intense.

Surrounded by toys, sitting in the middle of the living room floor, playing happily when he stops… Something has caught his eye.

The stitching on his overalls!

Toys forgotten for a moment as his little fingers reach inward to see what it is his eyes have spotted. The pure innocence of discovery!

I don’t know if I can explain the depth of emotion this simple picture pulls from my heart – but the first time I seen this picture on my computer screen as I watched my photo program pull in the images – and the many times I have viewed it since – my breath catches and tears form in my eyes.

Having watched my own children grow from this stage of innocent discovery to the young adults they are today, I know how fast this stage will fly by. The stage of innocence – the stage of innocent discovery.

When do we loose that?

As days, weeks, months and years move by, as in a blur. Somewhere – somehow we have forgotten to open our eyes, our hearts, our arms to discovery.

I don’t know what life has to offer my grandchildren – I can only pray that life will treat them kindly. Will give them peaceful moments where nothing matters but the moment.. the moment of innocent discovery.

I hope that somehow, one day, as they move quickly through their days – as the breeze of a summer day catches a lock of hair, to blow it softly over their eyes – they will turn and know that I am there, reminding them of these days – These days that are filled with the innocence of discovery!

Hi Everyone my name is +Beverly (aka Truddle - Truddlebug). I am married to Jamie, and the mom to 5 (4 girls and 1 boy), and the grandma to the same (3 girls and 2 boys). My kids are now on their own, but there are times when one or more of them will land back into the nest to catch their breath, before once again venturing off into the world on their own.

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