The Hero

Oct. 9, 1965- In a world void of heroes, kids will create their own. Fuller loves to tell stories with his characters. His cars zip around the room, his action figures go everywhere he goes. When Fuller becomes the “Hero” his characters are always ready to save the day. Zadie the Hero tells stories using her dolls and animal characters, they are her friends and they each have their own story to tell.

Character based play is another important element of well-balanced play. Action figures and animal characters are great tools for kids to express themselves in story. Character based play develops strong verbal and communication skills and it’s fun to hear the children’s narratives, songs, and stories. These characters give children the freedom to craft their own stories, create their own environment, and interpret life through play.

When your child becomes the “Hero” they are ready to save the day! The “Hero” loves fire trucks, farmers, and adventures in space. They love vehicles, boats, and just about anything that floats. The “Hero” loves to splash down in the bathtub at the end of the day.

When selecting toys for the “Hero” look for character and play sets that seed the story and don’t complete it. Look for characters made from more natural materials like wood, rubber, and modern eco-plastics. Character based play doesn’t need to last 800 years in a landfill!

Tips for the “Hero” 1. Create your own play set, let the kids decorate cardboard box house! 2. Create a character bin which is easily accessible 3. Bath time is storytelling time, look for characters for the tub! 4. Introduce characters made from natural materials – wood and rubber. 5. Characters are great for travel on the go play (restaurants, airports, vacation)

Kids already have the best job in the world, to play. It’s full time work and the way they play shapes the way they grow. The toy box is the child’s first toolbox. Toys are meant to inspire kids to draw, build, explore, tell stories, play games, and ultimately save the day.”

It’s our job to provide the tools and make sure they use them every day.

Your child is an Artist, a Writer, an Inventor, the Sportster, and a Hero. We hope you take some of our suggestions and share some of your own. Life has a million recipes and this one we really like. Have fun and remember to support these five personalities at play with the right projects, the right toys, and the right encouragement. As parents we strive to provide a balanced diet from the healthy food groups and play should be no different.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of Benjamin Barlowe and the BeginAgain workshop.

It’s a nice day today, time to head outside and play.

Published on: July 06, 2012
About the Author
Photo of Benjamin Barlowe

Benjamin Barlowe was an early 20th century inventor from Fort Collins, Colorado. His workshop archives, writings, ideas, and inventions serve as the inspiration for BeginAgain.

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