The Gift of the Moment

The Gift of the Moment

Sweet mothers, have you had these days? Those moments when you get just a breath of perspective about the tenderness found in the motherhood days? I make it a point to celebrate the little things – the simple moments in life. Here’s a story about a night last year when I realized the gift found in the moment of today.

I knew it was coming.

Samuel, my little Samuel, was wandering around the living room in those favorite monkey pajamas with the orange super soft shirt. Every once in a while he’d put his head down on the couch and take a quick rest. I was watching him. That little one, up a bit too late, trying so hard to stay awake.

Samuel? Samuel do you want to rock with mama?

He looked up, in those sweet little jammies that I splurged on just weeks before, and shook his head no.

Wake. Wake time.

I let him play while glimpses of the winter sun faded into the west. He kept playing, sneaking little peeks at me sitting in the rocking chair watching him, hoping for just a couple more minutes of time before bed.


Little eyes look at me. Worried, just a bit. They were eyes that knew the inevitable bedtime words were coming.

Samuel. Samuel come rock in the chair with mama.

Instead of fighting he simply came. Running through the room, over to me, and let me scoop him up. I gathered up that little one, nestled him in my arms, and started to rock him. He rested his head, that head with the hair on it that never likes to rest flat,  on my shoulder, and
I patted his back.

We rocked.

Back and forth. And back and forth. And back in forth.

I knew it would be short.

He’s growing up. He’s busy and sees what he wants to do. I knew, I knew right then I was to savor these early evening minutes of him being absolutely content to rock with me. Those moments of him sitting in my lap with his head resting on my shoulder are the little things that matter moments of life.


Remember him. Remember him now. Little, in my arms, rocking away. Wanting to be with me.

And then, just as quickly as I had the moment, the moment was done.

No bed. Not tired. Wake time, mama.

I gently let him down, and watched those little monkey printed pants wander back to the pile of John Deere tractors in the corner, and I sighed just a bit. It was that mixture of content motherhood sigh with the reality that those motherhood moments are fleeting. It was that nostalgic sigh that we as mothers collective breathe as we see our littles growing and becoming independent.

Soon these rocking days will be done.

So tonight, tonight, tonight I rested in those minutes where I was blessed to rock my Samuel.

Grab those moments, I tell myself over and over.

Grab them. Slow down.

Slow down.

After a couple more minutes, I gathered him up, carried him up the stairs and brought him to his room. Now, there was no more fighting that inevitable it’s time for bed surrender. We stood at the edge of his bed, and I sang him a little song, and then tucked him up.

Love you, Samuel. 

Love you, Mama.



How about you? What are moments that you simply want to gather and remember? They’re the little moments that matter in the broad scheme of motherhood. 

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin is the writer behind the website She is the author behind the successful “Dear Mom Letters” Ebook. Besides writing and speaking, you can find at her at home teaching her seven kids, drinking coffee, and learning to appreciate the little things in life that truly matter.

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  1. Bridgette Florea

    After the nuclear-meltdown-filled morning I had with my 3 1/2 year old, I really really needed to read this! I still rock him at night, while he’s doing his nebulizer treatment to control his asthma. Sometimes he falls asleep, which I love, and sometimes not, but either way, I know everyone says he’s “too old” for that, but they’re not his mommy either :) Thank you!

  2. linda_alberts

    Beautiful. Whenever the harried moments of life start to drag me down, I just remember to enjoy times like these with my son instead of stressing the small things. It really does refresh my perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.

  3. This post touched me deeply. I cried. A good cry.


  4. Alan Greene

    Both beautiful and profound! Moments like these are treasures, so easy to race right by. Thank you for sharing deep truth in an elegant and moving way. I slowed down this morning I discovered treasure I would have missed.

  5. Traci Torrey

    Beautiful and so true. I love your writing.

    • Rachel Martin

      Thank you Traci. :)


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