The Baby Is Born: Birthing An Idea to Fruition

The Baby Is Born: Birthing An Idea to Fruition

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bit of a Type A. It’s not that I feel compelled toward great accomplishment, or that I can’t sit on the couch enjoying brownies (organic!), a trashy magazine (recycled out of my mom’s stash!), and a reality show all at the same time (I really can do all three at once!), it’s just that when I see something wrong I want to fix it. That old adage about “ ‘what can I do?’ vs ‘something must be done!’” was seemingly ingrained and entrenched in my brain at an early age. So starting EcoMom® was not really question of if, but rather how.

An email I sent to family and friends confirmed that in the face of global warming, increased incidences of cancer, asthma and allergies likely caused by chemicals in the environment, moms want to make the right choices for their families, they just don’t necessarily know what, when, why, where or how.

A little research into what I had long suspected to be true – that many moms experience depression and overextension – was backed up by some very frank conversations with friends, relatives, new acquaintances in my community and a CDC report that upwards of 90% of American mothers experience loneliness, isolation, and stress. My gut hypothesis that moms needed more personal connection and acknowledgement, no doubt imbued by my own struggles as a single mother, had been confirmed.

A mentor of mine had planted the seed that real magic happens when the best practices of both non-profits and for-profit businesses come together. Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus’s book, Creating a World Without Poverty , further cemented this idea. So I founded EcoMom® as a hybrid entity: a non-profit educational outreach organization with a mission to inspire and empower mothers in the movement toward sustainable living, and as a healthy lifestyle resource. A hand to hold in this quest for healthy parenting.

Anchored by the belief that one of the strongest forces in nature is a network of mothers, EcoMom Alliance took off. I looked toward biomimicry, and the way a Queen Bee runs her hive, as comparable to how a mom runs her home, and knows her community. With a hard working Board of Directors and an incredible group of volunteers, we started training EcoMom Community Leaders to host fun and educational events called EcoMom Parties – thus addressing the need to bring women together for social connection and support, while at the same time, providing information on topics of environmental health and wellness, parenting, and healthful living. The power of mom-word-of-mouth led to some incredible press; the world wide web didn’t hurt either. The little idea was born and as with one’s child, watching the development and growth has been nothing short of miraculous. The right family has come in to help grow and raise both and EcoMom Alliance, and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since.

Kimberly Danek Pinkson

Kimberly Danek Pinkson is a mom to Corbin, an Aunti to Luke and Sebastion, and the Co-Founder of and EcoMom Alliance. For more than twenty years, all of her work has been imbued with a sense of global interconnection and a commitment to health and wellness.

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