Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well

It’s noon on a Sunday. It’s a blue sky and white puffy cloud type of day. We, as in me and the three, are on our way home from a delightfully unorganized play date with triplets three weeks our senior. It was like two cowboys walking into a saloon fresh out of a gun fight. I nod my hat at my fellow cowboy (the other mother), not a lot of words needed, we put our guns down and let our cronies run wild. The tumbleweeds roll. You don’t need a whole lot of nothin’ – cowboys like us, we get it.

So we are on our way home, pushing the limits as we flirt with laying down late for our nap. No biggie, mom – you have toddlers – they have a world to explore, cut the cord and let the nap go. Be that laid back version of yourself you always pray to be.

No better time to be laid back than now – windows down, sunroof open, music on – it’s bliss. I keep thinking, OK – when will it hit? Where is the melt down? It’s coming. They had a measly applesauce for lunch and are late for nap. Overstimulated from exposure to similar species. It’s coming, I just know it’s coming.

I look in my rear view mirror to see all three faces. Little boy red faced and staring out the window as the trees fly by. Girly girl silent and letting the wind hit her hair. And monkey, drooling and peaceful. Tired, yes. Crying, No. NO?! As we keep driving, I notice they are sort of swaying – eyes shut – letting the wind hit their face like a dog out the window. Opposite to the outburst I was waiting for, they are happy. Yes, happy.

I notice monkey is smiling from ear to ear, eyes shut – swinging her head back and forth between the velvety shoulder straps. Singing a quiet and subtle “ahhhh”. The other two, just taking it in, almost like they are enjoying the break from our regularly and rigidly scheduled program.

I am frozen in time. The breeze, the peace, the music – it all seems surreal. This moment is like rocket fuel for all the hard times, the tantrums and the sleepless nights. I take a deep breath and plant myself in this very moment. For once today, the pressure is off. It doesn’t matter what they eat for lunch or what they learn from a book of ABC’s or even when their nap starts.

What matters is they are being taught. Taught from the classroom of life. Taught to “just be”. Today, they are my teacher and the blue sky and marshmallow clouds are our classroom.

What was your classroom like today?

Kristin Hackman

Kristin Hackman is a writer living in Indianapolis, IN with her husband and 20 month old triplets. She is founder of JustBreatheMama.com. Kristin writes with the voice of a woman who has battled infertility, a high risk pregnancy, a crazy first year of raising triplets and the hormonal ups and downs of postpartum anxiety. Hence, “Just Breathe, Mama.”

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