Sustainable Household

Sustainable Household

In my experience it isn’t easy to run a sustainable household or at least it’s not easy for us, we all waste energy, water (my kids love running water, taps, toilet flush anything!), use the car too much and buy food that has travelled thousands of miles, when we could eat fruit and vegetables that are produced near home and eat it seasonally. But the point is… every little thing we do helps. So you might not be able to live without every electrical gadget in your home and that is fine, we can just make sure we don’t leave everything on standby that one thing won’t save the world on its own but if everyone had that rule then we really would have a good start. There are loads of ways you can become more sustainable but today I am going to talk about nappies, oh the joys of motherhood!

Disposable Nappies, was there ever any other type? oh Yes that’s right some of you remember the buckets of Napisan soaking soiled terry nappies before they had to be boil washed. My goodness the work involved, unbelievable. The modern mother doesn’t have time for that (does she?), never mind the fact that it would turn the stomach of many. Disposable nappies were God sent (we thought!), clean, happy babies, less work and no mess BUT what about the astronomical amounts of non biodegradable waste being created, the chemicals in the nappy and the danger the chemical pose to our babies never mind the cost, really not as good as we thought.

So what about trying the “terrys” again, have we the time? Hmm well I tried them with Ryan, not the “terrys” but the more modern equivalent – no pins, shaped like a nappy – and the blooming bottoms nappy laundry service (adding to my never-ending pile of clothes laundry pile at home wasn’t an option). The nappies themselves surpass any of the disposables, more soak-age, comfortable and contented baby. The laundry service was excellent, providing a nappy bin, with waterproof bag which was collected weekly and a fresh bag of clean dry nappies left at the door. I couldn’t find any faults with either the nappies or the laundry service.

This time round, I had to knuckle down and do “wash at home” as due to lack of funding from local authorities the laundry service is no longer running. I find washing at home fine and baby is happy. For those of you that don’t fancy having a bag of stinking nappies to wash with a biodegradable nappy sanitizer there are lots of biodegradable disposable nappies on the market which weren’t available generally 4 years ago. So it’s worth a try for everybody and I am sure babies will be happier to be chemical and be less likely to suffer from nappy rash (bar when they are teething of course).

Have you tried reusable nappies, have you found a biodegradable nappy that you think works best? Tell us story?

Maureen Kilgore

Maureen Kilgore is a mum with a passion for healthy living. She lives with her husband and two children in Belfast city Northern Ireland. Maureen is currently a "stay at home" mum looking after her kids full time and thoroughly enjoying it.

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