Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 5 – Communication & Conclusion

As I stated in the opening post, each school has four pillars that supports it -administration, students, parents, and teachers. To ensure success each pillar must consistently support a school with compassion and courage as it does it’s best to teach child and work through contingencies. If that is done properly the pillars will be a sound and strong structure.

Far too often we forget what those pillars rest upon. It is the foundation of everything in any society, whether it is a school system, form of government, or family. That foundation is communication, an open flow of information readily available.

The number one reason something fails is because of a lack of communication. You can be the best organizer in the world. However if you do not communicate in a timely and effective manner nothing will be done properly. Sometimes people will intentionally make communication vague to protect themselves.

Your child could be one of those people. If you have more than one child you probably already know where I am going with this. How many times have you stepped out of the room only to hear trouble brew between your sweet angels? You walk back into the room ask who started it only to see fingers are pointed everywhere.

Self-preservation is important to all living things. Including your child. Be the parent who understands their child is not always and angel. If you child will lie about how much involvement they had in why the garage window is broken it is probably safe to bet they had a hand in the trouble at school when a phone call home comes.

When a negative report comes home, don’t assume the teacher, principal or superintendent aren’t doing their jobs. Don’t be the parent who flies into the office full of Parent Pride because your child has been issued a detention.

It is my hope that while in this week of blog posts I highlighted many ways that you can improve your supportive pillar and find success. As you work on strengthening your pillar understand that it is all built on strong two-way communication.

Do not be afraid to speak when something needs to be said. Do not be afraid to ask a question when you do not understand. Be the example of open communication and you will see others follow you.

When you communicate to anyone, consistently, with courage and compassion you will begin to find you rarely need to worry about many of your contingencies.

Published on: May 24, 2013
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A veteran educator and musician, B.C. Tozer is also an author. His new book, The Four C's of Successful Teaching: Consistency, Contingency, Compassion and Courage, empowers readers to take control of their teaching situation, take ownership of their actions and align the results with success for themselves, for the community and their students.
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