Step 3 of 5 for Becoming Your Child’s Bully Coach

Step 3 of 5 for Becoming Your Child’s Bully Coach

STEP THREE: Finding the right words

When kids come up with their own ideas for deflating bullies, they’re not only more likely to remember them, they’re more likely to implement them, too. Now that your child understands how important body language is, help them come up with their own snappy comebacks by making a game out of it.

Start by brainstorming together with a ‘no holds barred’ approach. Encourage them to suggest as many responses as they can before you start winnowing down the unsuitable ones. The ones that make the grade are safe to use, aren’t terribly hurtful, and are easy to recall.  (The truth is that the exact words don’t matter nearly as much as the way your child is delivering them.)

If your child has trouble getting started, it’s OK to suggest simple responses such as, “So?”  When a target just keeps repeating, “So?” while looking bored, it’s demoralizing for the bully because now they’re the one who’s starting to look pretty uncool.

Dr. Jackie Humans

Dr. Jackie Humans is a well-known speaker and program leader to parents and students, grades K though 12, on subjects such as bully prevention, Internet safety, sexual harassment, date rape and child abuse.

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