Step 2 of 5 for Becoming Your Child’s Bully Coach

Step 2 of 5 for Becoming Your Child's Bully Coach

STEP TWO: Body language means everything

Remind your child how important it is to be aware of the power of their ‘native tongue’, regardless of what language they speak. Body language is the only language that’s already hard-wired into our brains at birth, and without the ability to gauge another person’s words within the context of their body language, their meaning can easily get misinterpreted. That’s why kids need to be reminded that what they say isn’t anywhere near as important as the way they say it.

When standing up to a bully, appearances count for everything. The statement, “You think you’re cool but you’re just a bully!” won’t deter a bully if the speaker has hunched shoulders, fails to make eye contact, or is using a whiny tone of voice. Bullies can spot the kind of body language that telegraphs, “I’m not feeling sure of myself!” at 500 paces.

On the other hand, a child who stands just a little to close to the bully, with their shoulders squared, and making strong eye contact while saying, “Watch it!” is going to make a much stronger impression on the bully, even though their actual words may not be particularly eloquent.

Dr. Jackie Humans

Dr. Jackie Humans is a well-known speaker and program leader to parents and students, grades K though 12, on subjects such as bully prevention, Internet safety, sexual harassment, date rape and child abuse.

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