Starting Solids 101: A joyful start to your baby’s eating adventure

Starting solids is one of the most fun—and most intimidating—milestones of baby’s first year. With so much conflicting information about food safety and nutrition, constantly changing guidelines, and the rise of allergies, what should be a joyful start to your baby’s eating adventure can easily feel overwhelming.

Well, overwhelm be gone. I’m there for you, whatever you need, whatever your questions.

As a family food educator and writer, I’ve been penning articles for years that help moms sort through the mountain of information about feeding. I’ve come to realize through my client practice, though, that nothing compares to working with parents one-on-one. No magic recipe or informative article can take the place of talking through your questions, hopes and fears about setting your child’s healthy habits for life.

I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger on Dr. Green this week when I’ll share with you some of my favorite recipes and tidbits about starting solids. I’m also thrilled to share with you a new client program for expectant mothers and parents of babies up to 12-month-old, Starting Solids 101. (And also offer you an exclusive discount: read on!)

Whether you’re looking ahead to starting solids or are ready to take the step from smooth purees to chunky or finger food, this program is for you! Joining this 6-month program gives you:

• Exclusive access to my private Starting Solids 101 Facebook group designed to keep me “on call” to answer your questions, share the latest news and research on infant feeding, and be there to (virtually!) hold your hand when you’re in a panic.
• Access to a community of moms who are in the same stage of feeding and who also share the same passion for feeding healthfully.
• A monthly 60-minute call for in-depth Q&A where you can ask anything that’s on your mind about feeding.
• Tons of tips, recipes, and ideas to keep mealtime for you and baby inspired!

Email to get further details. Be sure to mention Dr. Greene’s site for an exclusive half-off discount.

And stayed tuned for a great week of food posts!

Published on: January 25, 2014
About the Author
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Stacie Billis is a child development specialist and family food expert with a national client practice, as well as the voice behind award-winning site One Hungry Mama where she serves up easy tips and healthy recipes for the family kitchen.
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