Spring Health Clean: Part 2

Spring Health Clean: Part 2

What is an emunctory?

An emunctory is an organ or duct that removes or carries waste from the body.

Emunctories allow the body to cleanse out the unwanted wastes (carbon dioxide, toxins, cholesterol)  in our bodies through the skin, urinary, digestive, and respiratory systems. Sometime our bodies get a little overwhelmed and need some help to get the emunctory systems working optimally. Here are a few tips to help out our bodies:

1. Sweat

  • There are 2 things I suggest to people to get sweating … one is exercising and the other if getting in a sauna. I personally love doing both and encourage my patients to do the same.


2. Hydrate

  • Drink more water. A few years back, I had a 7 year old patient who was having constant headaches. After careful observations ( and a check- up with her ophthalmologist), we realized she drank no water. We switched her juice intake to herbal iced tea and water infused with lemons and oranges. Not only did she feel better, she preformed better at everything she was partaking in.


3. Eat more fiber (and colorful foods)

  • The easier way to get more fiber in your diet is to color your plate. The second easiest way is to add seeds (flax, hemp, chia), and nuts to your smoothies, cereals, cookies, and salads. Fiber will bind to toxins in the body and will help them to be eliminated through the digestive system (stool).


4. Breath

  • Take 3 deeps belly breaths and exhale out. This is hard for many as in general, we have a tendency to shallow breath. Deep breathing helps the lungs push out the carbon dioxide that the body has accumulated and it also, calms and centers us.


These four suggestions are simple, easy to implement and can really make a great difference in your health.


Heather Manley N.D.

Dr. Heather Manley, who in 2001 received her medical degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, is a practicing physician whose primary interest is preventative healthcare for families.

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