Solutions for Sticky Back to School Situations


Hard to believe it’s time for another back to school post. Last year I wrote about my top five tips for a healthy start to the school year.

I recommended parents:

1)    Get familiar with the school and district wellness policies

2)   Shift away from using food as a reward and taking away physical activity, such as recess, as punishment

3)   Plan healthy school celebrations

4)   Rethink the typical cookie dough and candy fundraisers

5)   Connect with other advocates of school health

This year I will be sharing a few examples of sticky health situations you may encounter during the school year and ways to respond along with resources.

Here are some of the possibilities to be prepared for:

1)   Your daughter brings home the lollipop she got for being good in class

2)   You are asked to contribute sugary drinks to the class party that’s already overloaded with sugar

3)   The PTA president asks you to support the dreaded junk food fundraiser

4)   Your child’s school is being used as an ad for fast food

I have encountered all of these situations and will be sharing how I handled them as well as resources to help you be prepared too.

Let us know about your sticky school health situations and tips for other parents!

Photo credit: US Department of Education

Casey Hinds

Casey works tirelessly to create a healthier food environment for kids and instill a love of physical activity. To keep up with what she's doing, you can follow her on Twitter and her web site

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