The Smiley-est Times of the Day

The Smiley-est Times of the Day

Cell Phone Smiley
helps me to remember the Smiley-est moments of my life.

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The happiest moments in our lives deserve more than a cursory nod once a year. I suggest that pausing for just a moment, every day, to remember the joy associated with these events, is a way to have a happier life.

To that end, my cell phone sends me a little musical message four times a day (a.k.a. an alarm goes off).

Each morning at 10:28 I am reminded that this was the moment that my wonderful little boy Lyle was born. To be clear, my phone chimes at 10:28 everyday, 365 days a year, not just on the day of his birth. Everyday my heart takes a moment to swell with the love I have for this great kid of mine. I literally stop what I am doing and conjure up a memory of Lyle. Ten seconds later I return to what I was doing with a glow in my heart.

In the middle of each afternoon, I am reminded of the moment of our wedding. I hear the chiming and take just a moment to mentally step away from my busy day to visualize something from the wedding and to remember how joyful I felt.

Every day as the afternoon draws to an end, at 4:48, my phone lets me know it is time to remember the birth of my sweet daughter Hillary. I decide, the moment I hear the music, to consciously stop and think of that happy event when I first became a mommy and how much joy she has brought to my life.

The final reminder comes as I settle in, each evening, for a cozy night. At 7:45 my phone reminds me of the birth of my last child. I pause to think of the happiness Darren brings me today and of the wonder and awe I felt when he arrived.

Some times I get into having a theme: think of a birthday party, remember a Halloween costume, conjure up a picture of their sweet sleeping face, marvel once more over a special achievement . . .

I hope this inspires you to take out your cell phone and program in some alarms to mark the Smiley-est moments of your life. It is a simple joy.  Joy usually is.

Smile. Be Happy. Ruth

P.S.: For those births that occurred in the wee hours, I just tell moms and dads to add 12 hours and remember that child at a time that falls when they’re awake.


Ruth Kaiser

Ruth Kaiser is a preschool teacher, TED Talk speaker, children's author, AND the creator of the popular online art project where thousands of people find, photograph and share Smiley Faces they find in everyday objects.

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