Small Changes Count

Small Changes Count

When I think of New Year’s Resolutions I don’t think in absolutes, I think in baby steps. I’m not giving up soda this year, even though I’d love to, I’m cutting back. I’m not going to lose 10 lbs I am going to be active and put more thought into my food choices.

I’ve come to realize that my personal improvement doesn’t grow by leaps and bounds but by small little steps. There might not be a big change from December to January, but I can make small changes stick and by next December it will be a habit and not a struggle. Small steps also allow for slips ups without ruining the resolution. I know there will be days I come home from work and I talk myself out of going for an evening walk because I walked all day at work and that should count. It will be ok on occasion and I won’t have failed at keeping my New Year’s Resolution.

I’ve done well at keeping my resolutions for 2008. I have more balance in my life, largely thanks to being done with school. I use fewer chemicals for cleaning, I walk more errands, and I feel at peace more often.

2008 and has been a good year, I expect 2009 will be as well. Happy New Year!


Photography has helped provide balance for Heather through the stress of managing a family and earning her RN-BSN degree. Heather’s passion for photography lies in documenting life events.

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