Skin Immunity

is more than a protective cover, its healthy condition is vital to the functions of our whole immune system. In addition to creating a barrier against the elements, the skin houses immune cells and produces antibodies. It is also one of the body’s 3 main systems for eliminating toxins, along with the lungs and digestive system. Therefore, naturally healthy skincare is essential to supporting your baby’s immune system.

Supporting skin immunity is a tool in your arsenal to battle all kinds of illness, even colds and flu. Many don’t know the skin plays a vital role in immunity, or that proper skin care can indeed contribute to overall health.

Dry, cracked skin is typical in winter months. More than annoying, these conditions leave the body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria that circulate from contact and through the air. When developing skin is dehydrated, under-nourished, cracked, irritated or disrupted, whole body immunity can be compromised.

Keep the skin well supported with 3 simple steps. For best protection, the first step is to start with a moisturizing cleanser, then second, nourish the skin (ideally in two phases) with a water and then an oil infused moisturizer – like an aloe vera based cream, followed by an essential fatty acid rich lotion. Then third, defend the skin with protective balms with a mild SPF factor – especially the facial area where skin is most exposed to the ravages of dry air and temperature changes.

Keeping skin healthy and hydrated is an important step in supporting the whole body’s immunity!

Published on: November 07, 2011
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Kim Walls, M.S., is the mother of two young boys and a serial entrepreneur. Kim has recently launched a new website - to educate expecting parents about the value of skin-to-skin contact in the newborn period.
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