Simple Green Tip #1: Green Eating

Simple Green Tip #1: Green Eating

I’m basically a vegetarian. I say basically because I believe there are real health benefits associated with organic grass-fed meat. According to, compared with feedlot meat, meat from grass-fed beef, bison and lamb has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids.

That said it’s not always easy to find good meat sources. Most of the meat, eggs and dairy products that are readily available come from animals raised in horrific conditions in large factory farms. This feedlot meat provided from these facilities is offered year-round at a cheap price but the hidden costs associated with this type of “farming” are astronomical. These costs include animal abuse, environmental pollution and denatured food.

On Mondays we’ve joined the Meatless Monday movement. This helps our grocery budget and ensures our healthy meat goes a little further.

The Meatless Monday website gives additional reasons to avoid factory farm meat and their goal is help reduce meat consumption by 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet. They are a non-profit initiative, in association with Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health.

One of my favorite recipes to make on Meatless Monday:

Pesto Pasta

A bunch of fresh basil ¼ cup grated fresh parmesan cheese ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 3 T pine nuts 3 garlic cloves

Blend until desired consistency. Mix into your favorite prepared pasta. Garnish plates with some raw veggies and crusty whole grain bread and it’s a quick, yummy meal. And, if you feel a cold coming on, kick up the garlic!

Do you have any tips for ensuring your family is eating healthy while balancing your household budget?

Wendy Gabriel

Wendy Gabriel is an eco-writer, media broadcaster, twitter addict and mommy with a passion for Simple Tips for Green Living. Her definition of Living Green is living simply, sustainably and thoughtfully.

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