Silent Reminder

Silent Reminder

It is told that when I was a few months over a year old, I was still not walking on my own. It was my grandmother who solved the problem.

I was able to stand, and walk quite well while holding onto a single finger of another person, so my grandmother took me for a walk one day, but instead of offering her finger to me for balance she handed me the other end of a piece of string she held in her hand.

Happily that toddler took that end of string, and with all the security in the world walked with her grandmother. After a time the grandmother dropped her end of the string. The toddler walked on with no problems. For several weeks the toddler would revert back to crawling or walking around furniture until someone handed her the piece of string, and then off she would go. Then one day the toddler dropped the string.

It was on that day she learned to fly! The world was hers…..

( – taken through the library window)

I think of my grandmother often. I miss her dearly, but she is never far from me. The lessons she taught me stay with me today. When I feel alone in the world it is her voice that I hear whispering in my ear – reminding me of that piece of string – reminding that I can do it – that I am not alone – that I will always have that piece of string and can use it when ever I need it.

Yesterday I went into the kitchen. Opened the drawer and pulled out the box that held the string that Jamie and I keep in the kitchen. I pulled out a length, cut it, held it in my hand with my eyes closed I thought of my grandmother. Again I heard her voice.

After a time I put the string in my pocket.

I think I will keep the piece of string close to me for a little while – a silent reminder – one that I need right now.

Hi Everyone my name is +Beverly (aka Truddle - Truddlebug). I am married to Jamie, and the mom to 5 (4 girls and 1 boy), and the grandma to the same (3 girls and 2 boys). My kids are now on their own, but there are times when one or more of them will land back into the nest to catch their breath, before once again venturing off into the world on their own.

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