Savoring the Simple Life: Slowing Down

Savoring the Simple Life: Slowing Down

Transitioning to a simple life can be a complicated affair. Every lifestyle habit needs scrutiny and adjustment. Slowing down your life’s pace is the best way to process and work through these changes.

If you’re living in the fast lane, your thoughts zoom by a mile a minute and everything is done instantaneously. But when you’re trying to incorporate new habits, expecting overnight success can only bring about more frustration.

A truly simple life savors every moment like it’s the last. When you can be still with yourself, you can get to know yourself, your quirks, intuition, voice, and your spirit. Most importantly, slowing down creates time and space to work on your lifestyle habits. The overwhelm of changing your life can be tackled tiny piece by tiny piece, and still with room to breathe.

Simple living pioneers love slowing down, because life is rich and complex. If you’re too busy chasing elusive dreams, you won’t see the beautiful complexity. How do you feel in this moment? Yesterday? Tomorrow? How will your intuition improve tomorrow? If you go at the right pace, you’ll get to experience all of it.

Slow down, and bask in complexity. It might be confusing, but you don’t have to figure it all out right now. The beauty of this mysterious unknown is that you’ll never be finished exploring – there is always more inquiry, learning, and adventure to be had. There’s a whole universe out there, waiting for your arrival.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Know that great projects and battles are ahead. But when they’re done, you’ll find tremendous peace, happiness, and true, easy simplicity. I promise.

Lynn Fang

Lynn Fang is an eco-conscious writer who dreams of a more harmonious and sustainable world. She writes about simple sustainable living, social change, and personal growth at her blog, Upcycled Love.

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