Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, do you do it. I don’t know about you but the amount of waste we produce as a family is ridiculous. We can no longer fill the earth with our rubbish, waste that will take 1000s of years to biodegrade and damage our environment beyond repair.

What can we do to help? Recycle! This has been made easy for householders in our city. Belfast City Council provide a blue bin for recyclables although it would be good if like the local curbside collection box system that runs in some areas it took glass as well! They also have majorly revamped their recycling centers which are now drive through (although I think we should really cycle with a trailer to carry recyclables but we can’t do everything I suppose), on the plus side they recycle almost anything. They have also improved their bulky items collection service which is efficient and you aren’t left waiting 3 weeks for a date. We distribute all waste clothing, toys and household items if they are in good condition to the second hand shops, its helps you achieve your sustainable goals and generate some cash for charity. My little boy loves getting money from his money box and heading down the street to buy books in the secondhand shops

We do try and use public transport where possible. Kids love travelling on the bus and train and who would want the stress of driving, especially trying to find and pay for parking in the city centre when you can get a city bus day ticket for £2.50 -£3.50 or a day trip with one of Translink’s offers. The bus is a convenient travel to work and most times is pretty efficient. We all have bikes and my 10 month old absolutely loves sitting in his bike seat on his daddy’s bike while daddy takes him for a bike ride to feed the ducks.

Families can strive to live sustainably and the point is every small effort we make helps to achieve this on a bigger scale. We can still have the conveniences that the modern age has provided us with as long as we do so sensibly. Green parenting or Healthy parenting is achievable by anyone, you don’t have to be living the “good life” in the middle of the country in order to live sustainably or at least I hope you don’t!

What do you recycle and how? Have you any interesting stories on the type of things that you have managed to recycle and what did they get made into?

Maureen Kilgore

Maureen Kilgore is a mum with a passion for healthy living. She lives with her husband and two children in Belfast city Northern Ireland. Maureen is currently a "stay at home" mum looking after her kids full time and thoroughly enjoying it.

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