Rainbow Eating For Babies

Rainbow Eating For Babies

When feeding your babies and toddlers, keep color in mind. In my book, Organically Raised, I call this rainbow eating. As a new parent, it’s often difficult to manage all of the day-to-day details of raising little ones, and so finding easy ways to make sure our kids are getting the nutrition they need, without the stress of monitoring nutritional content of each fruit or veggie, just look at the color! Simply put, you want to make sure your babies and little ones are eating a wide variety of colors as each group organically represents various unique health benefits and will naturally keep your baby in balance. By feeding your baby foods in a rainbow of colors, you ensure that he will have a diet with diverse tastes, textures, and nutrients. It is also a wonderful way to teach her about colors!

This color adventure is also fun for toddlers and can help teach them their colors! You can make a game out of it and all the while you are ensuring a balanced diet filled with the seasonal nutrition they need!

Here is an easy chart, from my book, to help guide you on this fun culinary adventure!

Anni Daulter, MSW

Anni is an eco-mama, cook, advocate of sustainable living and author of several books including The Organic Family Cookbook.

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