Purple Day Goes International

This year Purple Day has gotten even bigger and on March 9th the Anita Kaufmann Foundation flew me to New York with my Mom and brother Chad for the USA launch of Purple Day. There was a huge party at Dylan’s candy Bar and me and my brother got a whole whack of candy! My mom didn’t get too much candy because she didn’t want to get an overload, sugar rush.

The party was on March 19th and a lot of people came and they took a lot of pictures of me and one of my new best friends, Jamie Paetz

(Photo by Kevin Macdonald)
(Designing Women- Project Runway Winner Leanne Marshall, Model Jaime Paetz wearing Leanne’s winning design and Purple Day founder ten-year old Cassidy Megan at the Purple Day Launch Party at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan)


At the party I got to meet Paul Shaffer and Dr. Greene, he was so lucky he won the Prada purse for his wife and it was PURPLE!!

(Photo by Kevin Macdonald)


Dr Greene is a great person and I want you to know that. I really liked your tomato speech Dr. Greene that was really cool!

(Photo by Kevin Macdonald)

I also met a lot of music people and authors.

Published on: March 24, 2009
About the Author
Photo of Cassidy Megan

Cassidy Megan is 10 years old and she has epilepsy. She founded Purple Day to educate others about epilepsy and spread the word that people with epilepsy are ordinary people just like everyone else.

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