Pack Light, But Don’t Skimp on The Underwear

Pack Light, But Don't Skimp on The Underwear

One of the many lessons we’ve learned on our family adventure trips is that you can never have enough clean hiking socks, and that lightweight wool gloves and hats are a must. (In Peru, the dry season is winter.) We also bring books, travel-sized games, flashlights with extra batteries, and at least one deck of cards. One of our favorite activities after a full day on the trail is to gather at the campsite and play Scrabble.

Today’s Family Adventure Travel tip: What to pack

  • Packing is easier if you don’t have to carry the gear yourself. Even so, bring the minimum you’ll need, but don’t skimp on socks and underwear, and you’ll appreciate a good, lightweight rain jacket. Depending on bathroom options (the ones we’ve found typically range from really disgusting to unspeakable), you’ll want to bring toilet paper and baby wipes. You’ll also want to think about over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. (See Day 4)
  • If you have picky eaters, bring some packaged pasta or soba noodles and beef jerky with you. We also pack almonds and other trail snacks.
  • There are some great organic options for freeze dried meals and snacks at hiking stores like REI or online.  These are packed with nutrition and many of them are really tastie.
  • Bring duffle bags that don’t have wheels. These are more versatile than hard-pack cases. If you want to bring wheeled bags on the trip, you can tuck the other duffels inside and break them out for the trek. Most treks start and end in the same base city, so your hotel will be able to keep your extra luggage until you return.
  • Don’t bring your bags stuffed full – chances are you’ll see lots of souvenirs to buy.
  • Break in hiking boots before the trip, and test out any other gear you will be using for the first time.

What tips do you have for vacation packing?  Have you learned anything the hard way?

Robin Kamen

Robin Kamen is General Manager, Interactive at Seventh Generation, Inc., a company committed to becoming the world’s most trusted brand of authentic, safe, and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home.

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  1. Arg! I should have re-read this article before my last vacation. I thought it would be easy to wash underwear, so only took enough for half the trip. That was a mistake.


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