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My resolution for 2014 was to get out of my comfort zone. Yes, that’s right 2014 not 2015. I’ve made some progress, but I still have a long way to go.

When I set this goal, I wasn’t sure what it meant, but as the year progressed, it became clear. I’ve always said, “I’m a writer, not a talker.”

Yet, I joined the Green Divas Show with my very own podcast segment highlighting the environmental headlines —light years beyond my comfort zone where planets have yet to be discovered. I was horrible! My voice was monotonous and barely audible.

Over time I improved and now love doing it. What makes it easier is that shedding light on green issues and solutions is one of my passions. This radio show platform amplifies my reach.

Listen to the latest Green Divas myEARTH360 segment. I’m no Edward R. Murrow, but for me… it’s good enough.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”~ Seth Godin

Another thing I’ve always felt uncomfortable with? Being on video. Ugh! I look like a total dork. I visited the Green Divas studio in the spring and what does Green Diva Meg make me do? Be on video.

We created a Vine. And a short for our website. And I had fun! Meg tapped into my grade school aged self when I dreamt of being an actress and wrote and starred in a play that was performed in front of the entire school. Dreams that were not encouraged and then went dormant.

Here’s one of our latest videos… maybe there’s still time for me to be discovered by a Hollywood agent!

My comfort zone broken through not once, but twice! And, dare I say, other ways in my life like speaking my truth—out loud, not just in writing—in relationships, work situations, wherever. Wow! Why hadn’t I made a comfort zone resolution before? I had to wait until I was approaching 50?

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” ~ Jim Morrison

I don’t like drawing attention to myself in any way. But, when talking about the People’s Climate March last year with ClimateMama Harriet Shugarman and Green Diva Meg on The Green Divas Radio Show, I suggested that perhaps these environmental events needed something to draw in other people beyond the environmental choir. Why not get a group of people to streak through the march?

“To see you naked is to recall the Earth.” ~ Federico Garcia Lorca, Casida de la Mujer Tendida

I’ve never been an exhibitionist, but I was half serious. And that’s how it all started.

I was planning to hit the march in Chicago and the conversation turned to me streaking through which then evolved into having my body professionally painted with Green Divas across my back (it would double as a PR stunt for our show… I had to make it worth my while, after all). But the march was just a week away and it would cost at least $300 to have it done. I would need a sponsor and there just wasn’t enough time to pull it together.

Of course, had I a bit more courage (this naked in public thing was eons beyond my comfort zone), I probably could have pulled it off. But the reality of it scared the pants off of me (not literally, apparently). What would my 13-year old son think? How could I have some random guy paint my body while I sat there naked? Yikes?!

I’m ONLY doing this crazy streaking stunt if our crowdfunding goal for GDGD Radio—the first global digital radio network dedicated to green and healthy living—is reached.

Those close to me believe this particular feat is out of my wheelhouse. “You’ll never go through with it!” This has made me more determined. The closest I’ve been to naked in public is my swim suit so this stunt will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and on to new goals for 2015.

Did you meet your goals for 2014? Do you have new goals for 2015? What are they? If they include streaking through Chicago to encourage others to see the Earth, then join me! Don’t worry, I’ll still be uncomfortable.

Photo credit: Marlene Rucks of Nirvana Yoga Studio Barrington

Lynn Hasselberger

Lynn is The Green Divas Managing Editor and Producer of the GD Radio Show and GDGD Radio Network. She's also a mom, writer who blogs at myEARTH360.com and LynnHasselberger.com. You can find Lynn on Facebook and Twitter@LynnHasselbrgr @myEARTH360 & @GreenDivaLynn where she Posts Tweets to make the world a better place

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