Our Food, Where Does it Come From?

Our Food, Where Does it Come From?

Our food, where does it come from? The warehouse at the back of the Food chain store? Local food, sometimes it can be very hard to find so don’t feel bad.

I watched a program recently about an Irish chef who was on a quest for a Michelin star; he maintained he had the best salad from a farm importing it from England and that the same quality could not be sourced in Ireland. Import, export our economy relies upon it but do we have to import something that can be grown well in Ireland. Now really, surely the restaurants could work with the growers to produce the quality they require (my little boy is currently growing lettuce in his mini garden glasshouse, I wonder if his will be up to stratch!).

A walk through any of the main supermarkets or for that matter some local vegetable shops at this time of year will tell where the food comes from and how much chemical must be sprayed onto to ripen it and keep it from going off over the thousands of miles it travels to the shelf. Now we can eat more seasonally, we can buy locally produced produce in supermarkets and especially farmers markets. A trip once a week (which we must make more of an effort to do) to St Georges markets in Belfast on a Friday or Saturday and there is plenty opportunity to buy fresh fish, meat, fruit and veg, all sourced locally and of high quality.

Do you source your food locally; have you got a good local organic food store or farmers market? Tell you about it?

Maureen Kilgore

Maureen Kilgore is a mum with a passion for healthy living. She lives with her husband and two children in Belfast city Northern Ireland. Maureen is currently a "stay at home" mum looking after her kids full time and thoroughly enjoying it.

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