One life – One Calendar

One Life One CalendarjpgFor a long time I kept two separate calendars: one for work and one for home. I thought it was necessary to keep two very separate schedules in order to be in control of both facets of my life. I wasn’t working with men who were open about what they were dealing with outside of the office, so I followed their lead and never talked about my mothering dilemmas. What kind of weakness would I be exposing if I told them that an elementary school teacher was getting under my skin?

Nor did I want to think about what might cross my boss’s mind if he saw an entry for a second-grade Halloween party on my Tuesday morning calendar. My calendar became a microcosm for what I felt I was battling in the rest of the world.

Combine your Calendars

Keeping two calendars meant that I bifurcated my life, and as a consequence I felt bifurcated. Meeting and appointment overlaps occurred and I began dropping the ball. I was missing important issues at work and at home. I felt tugged in too many opposing directions.

My answer was to combine my calendars – literally. At first this was shocking. I quickly realized that I had four items scheduled in the same block of time in four different locations. No wonder, I was dropping the ball. Nobody can manage a schedule like that !

Once I got over the shock I had the opportunity to assess the situation and make conscious choices. I could only be in one place. When I made my decision I did not renegotiate with myself. I didn’t think: “I should have…. I could have….. “ I gave my decision 110% and tried to not look back.

I also stopped caring if someone else saw a personal item on my schedule and I began to share my home life with the men in the office. Guess what, they also have a personal life and wanted to share!! Maybe I just needed to start the conversation.

Don’t search for balance, the answers are within you.

Teresa Taylor

Teresa is the CEO of Blue Valley Advisors and the author of The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success. In her book, she combines her impressive professional background with her experiences as a mother to inspire women to succeed professionally and personally.

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