Nutrition- Food Glorious Food

Nutrition - Food Glorious Food

When it comes to food and pregnancy, it seems like it’s a topic always enshrouded in confusion. How much should one eat? What should one eat? What should be avoided etc. Here are a few key points that I have done my due diligence on.

  • We need only an additional 300 calories per day when pregnant and 600 more when lactating.
  • Avoid raw fish, raw meat like deli meat and unpasteurized soft cheeses. Some raw soft cheese like imported brie have been linked to a fetal harming bacteria called Listeria.
  • Increase protein intake up to 65-70 grams per day.
  • Skip caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol.
  • Try to eat every two hours (always including some protein) to keep blood sugar balance.
  • And stay hydrated (2-3 liters of water a day)


When it comes to pregnancy eating think about how you will want your child to eat when he is about 3-4 years old. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, fiber, and sure, every now again a treat. Everything you eat is helping your baby grow and develop, honor your cravings but do your best to help create a strong and healthy foundation for your child. Pick up Domenica Catelli’s wonderful cook book Mom-a-licious: Fresh, Fast, Family Food for the Hot Mama in You! You will use it for years.

Anna Getty

Anna Getty is a mother of two, chef, environmental advocate, green living educator and the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. She has penned two books including I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas and Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic.

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