Naturally Delicious: Demand for organic and all-natural pet treats increases

Naturally Delicious: Demand for organic and all-natural pet treats increases.

What pet owner doesn’t love to reward his or her pet with an edible reward? After all, that’s how many people reward their children when they’ve reached a goal or been exceptionally well behaved.

But many parents worry about giving their kids too many sugary or high-fat treats and seek alternative ways to reward their kids. Pet owners aren’t looking to fill up their pet with junk food, either, and seek ways to reward their pet without compromising the animals’ health.

Today’s pet owners do more research and are more sophisticated about the ingredients in their pet’s treats. They want to know that the fruits and vegetables in their treats are organic and their meat sources are free-range, with no added antibiotics or hormones.

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Many consumers scrutinize ingredient lists to be sure they are treating their dog with meat sources instead of protein by-products. As well, many pet owners avoid commonly identified allergens such as wheat, wheat gluten, soy, and artificial flavors, colors or synthetic preservatives.

Additionally, many consumers desire pet treats that include ingredients with therapeutic properties that they have incorporated into their own diets, such as kelp, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, pre- and pro-biotics, and glucosamine. Ingredients added to treats to help with hip and joint issues or to boost immunity score high marks amongst discriminate consumers.

Freeze-dried treats are an excellent alternative to dried treats because freeze-dried treats retain their flavor, palatability, and nutritional value. Freeze dry is the gold standard of drying because the food is dry and self-stable while still raw.

Not only are natural treats available, many pet treats are also certified organic. Look for brands like The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Inc., Cloud Star, and many others offering these wholesome alternatives.


Ann Springer

Ann Springer writes regularly on home and family issues including pets. She is the mother of three daughters and to her pug, Aggie. She holds degrees in health education and journalism.

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