My Space

My Space

Today we are going to focus on creating a space where you can sit and just be.

Your space does not have to be anything fancy, nor does it need to be in a room all its own. It can be as simple as a pillow on the floor in the corner of the living room.

1) Have a look around your home – take the time to go into each room and just feel . What room seems to be calling you? This is the area where you will create ‘your’ space.

2) You will need something comfortable to sit on. An easy chair or even just a pillow.

3) Do you like candles? Flowers? Do you have a favorite painting or picture? Do you have a favorite ornament from a time since past that means a lot to you? Arrange these items in your space – on a table or shelf.

Keep it simple to start with.  Over time this space will change along with you.  Don’t stress over perfection – just give yourself permission to be as creative as you need to be.

You will no doubt get questions from your partner or kids about what you are doing. Be as honest as you want to with them – tell them you need a time out spot, and when you are in there it means you are in time out and they are not to bother you. Tell them the corner just needed something. Tell them whatever you want – just be aware you will probably get questions so be prepared with an answer.

If you are not comfortable creating a full space, then go with a shelf in one of the rooms you spend a lot of time in. A Shelf next to the TV perhaps, a side table in your bedroom, a window ledge. These areas can all become ‘your’ space that no one needs to know the reasoning behind. You can work it so that it looks like you are watching TV or looking out the window, when in fact you are visiting ‘your’ space. No one will know, but you. This is perfectly ok.

Give yourself permission!

Gee Gee

In this weeks' Perspectives Blog, Gee Gee is lighting the flicker of the flame that has been threatening to be extinguished within her own heart and in doing so she is guiding you in lighting the flicker of flame in your heart.

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