Six Must-Read Books About Healthy Green Living

Six Must-Read Books About Healthy Green Living

Healthy Green Fun Idea #5

To wrap up this series, I am going to focus on learning because I love to learn.  I love a great book.  I love new facts. I love being motivated and inspired to change because of the work an author has done to research, document, edit and share their thoughts and ideas. Here are some of my “most favorite” books about living healthy and green.

1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver Barbara’s year living locally explained in a clear, high educational and yet highly entertaining way what being a locavore was all about and why it mattered.

2. Sleeping Naked Is Green, by Vanessa Farquharson Vanessa made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions as she took steps, every day for a year, to live healthier and greener.  She proved that there will always be one more thing you can try and that yes, Sleeping Naked IS green.

3. Hot, Flat, and Crowded, by Thomas Friedman A passionate call to reinvigorate the United States place of leadership in this world through leading, rather than following, the green movement.  Friedman’s work showed me that yes, all these changes can and do matter.  A lot.  Petro-dictatorship’s might be my new favorite concept in foreign policy.

4. The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick – And What We Can Do About It, by Robyn O’Brien An allergy mom like me, Robyn does ground-breaking research into what has changed about our food system and why it’s making our kids sick.  Her research, in particular around GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organisms), was a major eye-opener for me.

5. Slow Death by Rubber Duck, by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie Two of Canada’s leading environmentalists ingest and expose themselves to everyday toxins and then measure their blood.  If you are concerned about toxin exposure, particularly for children, read this book. It is as empowering as it is scary.

6. Raising Baby Green, by Alan Greene, M.D. The book I recommend the MOST when I’m out speaking to new parents is Raising Baby Green.  Dr. Greene’s guide to every question that a parent has about healthy green living is simply spectacular.

Do you have a favorite healthy green living book to share?  As soon as I finish the awesome Alexandra Zissu/Jeffrey Hollender book, Planet Home, I will need a new one–so do share!


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