Men need to avoid toxic chemicals in their Personal Care to protect themselves and their children

Men need to avoid toxic chemicals in their Personal Care to protect themselves and their children

When we think about the negative heath effects of the chemicals in beauty products, we often think of their effects on women, especially those of childbearing age, and children.  However, men are at risk as well.  While men, on average, don’t use as many personal care products as women do, they are using an increasing number of them.  Especially young men.    And more and more advertising is targeting young men; giving the impression that to be attractive to women they must douse themselves in toxic chemicals (can you say Axe?).  Most men don’t give a second thought to what’s in the products they are using.  Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a can of shaving cream or his favorite cologne?  It’s terrible!

According to Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, “Mounting scientific evidence demonstrates that exposure to chemicals in every day products can reduce semen quality and lead to low sperm counts, male infertility, hormonal changes, testicular and prostate cancer, and miscarriage in your partner.”  Chemicals in products men put on their bodies can affect testicular development, sperm damage, cause obesity, cancer and other health issues.

When I called my friend Dani Abrahams, a biological chemist and detox expert with Winchester Health because I want to spend the next few months detoxing as much as I can while my husband and I talk about whether we want another baby or not, she reminded me that he should go through a detox before conceiving too, as it’s his DNA is involved as well.  If his sperm is damaged from chemical exposure, this puts our baby at risk just as much as my exposures do.  And, of course I want to protect his health so that he’s around to help raise our children.

So when you’re looking at the personal care products in your bathroom and starting to make changes, don’t forget to look at the products the men in your life are using.  You might even find, like I did, that your husband looks even better after switching to organic and all natural products.  My husband’s skin looks way better than it did when he was using conventional brands.  You can find safer alternatives to every toxic product he is using.  And if you need help finding them, ask me.  I’ll help you.

Danika Carter

Danika Carter is the owner of an organic skincare & wellness business which provides education on the cosmetics and personal care industry, organic & nontoxic living, and implementing sustainability into your home and/or office.

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