Making Goals for the Green New Year

Making Goals for the Green New Year

As the end of the year approaches, you may want to reflect on the areas in which you’ve succeeded and ways in which you’d like to improve in the upcoming 365 days. In the weeks ahead you may want to sit down with your family and decide how you can give Mother Earth a gift this holiday season that will keep on giving into 2010.

Here are a few suggestions for “green goals” you can work on together.

  1. Recycle more. Sure, everyone recycles, but everyone could be more dilligent about making sure those cardboard cereal boxes and drained shampoo bottles actually make their way to the recycling bin and out of the trash can. Putting reminder notes by the trash cans in your house can help everyone keep their focus on the goal.
  2. Using only homemade or natural cleaners. With so many great products on the market and many more cleaning recipes available online, there’s no reason anyone should be using toxic chemicals to tidy up at home. The first step is to replace any harsh cleaners with safe and eco-friendly alternatives.
  3. Give up one weekend a month. Set aside one Saturday per month to clean up your environment. Whether you pick up trash along the beach or plant trees at your neighborhood park, find a way to contribute to keeping your community green.
  4. Set up a rainwater collection system. Many websites exist that show simple instructions for setting up a way to trap and store rainwater throughout the rainy season. This water can then be re-used in your garden. Not only does this save you money, it can also help conserve water.
  5. Plant a garden. Set a goal as a family to plant a garden and grow your own fruits and veggies. It’s a great way to eat better, save money, and help the planet.


Ann Springer

Ann Springer writes regularly on home and family issues including pets. She is the mother of three daughters and to her pug, Aggie. She holds degrees in health education and journalism.

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