Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes - mom and baby

Even for those who have made the switch to cloth diapers, letting go of disposable wipes can prove to be a tougher sell.  We all love the convenience of those wipes that pop up one-at-a-time in those convenient containers, but they are not exactly easy on our wallet, or the environment.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? Well, with a little creative folding, you can create pop-up wipes out of cloth, saving both money and landfill space.  To get started, grab a pile of baby washcloths (or a half yard of terry fabric, cut into 8” x 8” squares), an old disposable wipes container, and perhaps some Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile (optional.)


Step 1: Lay out the first cloth, then place the second cloth halfway over it

Step 1. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 2: Fold one cloth over the other

Step 2. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 3: Lay another cloth over the side you just folded over (here it is the blue side)

Step 3. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 4: Fold the opposite side over the cloth you just laid down (here we will fold the whales over)

Step 4. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 5: Keep laying and folding until you have a high enough stack

Step 5. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 6: Place the wipes in an old disposable “Pop Up” style container

Step 6. Make Your Own Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Step 7: Make a solution of 2 drops Tea Tree Oil and 2 Drops of Lavender Oil in 2 cups of water.  The Tea Tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that will keep the wipes fresh longer.  Pour the solution over the wipes until they are soaked through

Voila!  Close the container and pull the first wipe through.  You have just made a cheaper, greener solution to disposable baby wipes!

TIP: Pre-moistened wipes work particularly well when your baby is going through a large number of wipes each day.   If your baby is older and you do not need as many wet wipes hanging around, leave the wipes dry.  You can still pull them up one-at-a-time, but you will not have to worry about the water getting stale if you cannot get through your stack fast enough.  Instead, just spray your baby’s bottom with the wipe solution from a spray bottle, or wet the washcloth in the sink before use.

Do you have your own wipes solution, or a special way for making cloth wipes more convenient?  Please share!

Gina Crosley-Corcoran

Gina Crosley-Corcoran is a mother of two young sons, pre-law student at Loyola University, and empowered-parenting activist. You can read Gina's ongoing blog at The Feminist Breeder.

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