Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Real estate isn’t the only field that location plays an important part. It is also key in creating the perfect picture. There are a couple of different things to consider when thinking about where to take the picture. You don’t want a light pole or other object to appear to be growing out of someone’s head or the neighbor’s trashcan behind your family. It is important to look in the foreground and background to make sure everything belongs and nothing is distracting.

What is in the background can add a special touch that makes the picture a cherished keepsake and not just a photograph. This is a wonderful way to work a family tradition into the picture. Taking a moment with family on the floor playing with a dreidel with a menorah lit in the background or staging hanging decorations on the Christmas tree can add a special touch. The more personal the tradition is the better.

Every year my Grandparents would take a roll of Lifesavers and wrap it with a brand new $5 bill which was wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and hung on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Each ornament had a family members name on it and we had to find our name on the tree. The rules? No helping anyone who was old enough to recognize their own name, but rearranging names so that tall people had to reach down and crawl under the lowest limbs to find their names was allowed. This year it is my goal to get some better pictures of “finding your name on the tree.”

What are some of your family traditions and how have you been able to capture them forever in a photograph?


Photography has helped provide balance for Heather through the stress of managing a family and earning her RN-BSN degree. Heather’s passion for photography lies in documenting life events.

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