Lauren Lumbard, Jenna’s Sister

Lauren Lumbard, Jenna's Sister

Somewhere in my mental library, amongst the countless chapters and shelves, is the memory of standing in the hospital with my dad. I had just become a sister. My life had changed, and it would continue to be shaped by this little girl we named Jenna. Over the years we slowly found out this girl who didn’t know how to talk had a lot to say.

With the help of her amazing aide, Janet, our lives became enriched with these beautiful, hilarious, and unique tales that Jen had to tell. Now I can only hope others will be able to read the stories and find out that autism isn’t necessarily a burden, but something different that we all can learn from.

Being the sister of someone with autism has taught me so much, and I always wish I knew others with an autistic sibling because every case is different. Sharing stories and trying to remember the funny things that come from the strange ways of autism always seems to heal any wound. I have found so many things to be thankful for above any negative aspect of autism. The path to outside understanding is a steep one, but as long as you have your family there to laugh through it with you, it is the only thing that really matters in the end.

Jenna Lumbard

Born with autism, Jenna could not always understand what was said around her. Her hope is to encourage children to soar in spite of any obstacles they may face.

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