Keeping the Romance alive! Date Night is a MUST

Keeping the Romance alive! Date Night is a MUST

Being a guy doesn’t mean I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. It just means pulling teeth to show it off. Even with Valentine’s day coming once a year I think it’s important that we remember that Date Night isn’t just once a year. Last week, my Sister baby sat (which is a win/win – 1. its free 2. she gets to play with Marc for a bit) but even if you need to pay a sitter it’s well worth it.

We live in Union Square and lately NYC has been freezing… we walk just a block to the W Hotel – where the Todd English’s Olives is located in the lobby. If you’ve never been RUN don’t walk over there one night and drink you’re self silly. The cocktail menu is wonderful, yes the martinis are $12 but in Manhattan that’s pretty much going rate.

My wife loves the dirty martinis or the lychee martini. I love the super tart passion fruit cocktail. After sitting the W Hotel’s Lobby living room for a round, we asked to move to a table to enjoy some lite bites from the Olives Menu. The food was great just what we both had wanted. The prices once again weren’t out of line for a Manhattan restaurant either – I know that people usually think of hotel food and think chicken fingers and fries – this isn’t the case at Olives.

I’m starting to get off topic here, while this date night was awesome…it’s still the principle of having a date night. We often forget to take care of ourselves, once we have a child. I think it’s great that we all put our children first, because we shouldn’t be selfish at this point. But that doesn’t mean we should just forget about the bond that brings us together as parents. We need this adult time together, we need to remember we love each other, we need to laugh, and we sometimes just need a drink.

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen, founder of, is a NYC based daddy blogger. While enjoying the company of his wife and toddler son, he manages to be the Director of Web Services at New York Law School and a social media entrepreneur.

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