Just Be

Just Be

I hope that you took yesterday’s assignment to heart, and started on creating ‘your’ space.

I say started because I have found that over time our spaces change and evolve as time moves forward.

As you attend your space, you will be moved to remove items, bring new items in. Go with it.  This will do your heart good.

Anytime you are in ‘your’ space, take the time to really feel it.

Whenever you are in ‘your’ space leave the stresses and frustrations of the day outside the line of ‘your’ space. Don’t worry they will wait for you.

Allow your mind to go blank, your body to relax. Breath in deeply, exhale slowly. If you find your mind wandering back to the reality of your situation, consciously force your mind to go blank. Let your mind be like a clean slate.

Practice this every time you enter ‘your’ space – with time this will become so natural you will not even think about it.

You will be able to enter, and Just Be.

Gee Gee

In this weeks' Perspectives Blog, Gee Gee is lighting the flicker of the flame that has been threatening to be extinguished within her own heart and in doing so she is guiding you in lighting the flicker of flame in your heart.

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